quiz: which Indiana Jones character are you?

There seems to be a slight difference of opinion among these quiz-type things. I mean, hey, if you can’t trust anonymous internet quiz-builders, who can you trust?

Check it out below. To really get your Indy on, do the quizzes and finish off by checking out our own dear, sweet re-edit job: Indiana Jones and the Call of Cthulhu.

Which Indiana Jones Character are You

Indiana Jones

You are Indiana Jones the King of all Crusaders
Take this quiz!

Now, you cannot tell me that 55% of quiz-taking Myspacers are Indiana Jones inside. No way. That’s just too arrogant. But thisthis is going too far.

You are a Victim!

Congratulations! You are most like a Victim, an unfortunate being always in constant need of Indiana Jones’ help. Although it sucks to be the Victim, your helplessness plays a vital role to the Indiana Jones of the world because he/she can save your sad behind from cannibals and hunters.

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32 thoughts on “quiz: which Indiana Jones character are you?

  1. You are Indiana Jones!

    Congratulations! You are most like Indiana Jones, the amazing archaeologist and adventurer. You are not only brave, confident, and beyond excellent at everything you do, but you are also cunning and intelligent, making you a very sexy person indeed!

    No further comment is required. I bask in it’s insightful warmth, it’s munificent insight, it’s blah, blah, blah…..


  2. Hey, RC, if I leave your site open in a tab all day does that help your stats?

    Not that I am suggesting for a mo…..




  3. No, it doesn’t, alas. If you hit it a million times it does, though. Check out the Raincoaster Roulette wheel near the bottom of the sidebar. Click on it and play raincoaster roulette: you never know what you’ll get.

    but the question is not absurdly redundant. It’s easily possible to get two different results, as you can see above. I can only conclude that on the other quiz, you were a Nazi.

  4. Of to roulette in a mo.

    No Nazi I. But point taken. However: I am INDIANA! Heh,heh! TWICE! Fnar!,Fnar!


  5. Your Famous Movie Kiss is from Gone With The Wind
    “Great balls of fire. Don’t bother me anymore, and don’t call me sugar.”

    RC, this is getting spooky! Gotta go but I’ll play roulette again.


  6. I am also Indy on both, despite indicating that my favourite acessories are high heels (they are, just not on me) and my favourite outfits are ball gowns and formal wear (but only Thursdays at the Lotus).

  7. “You are Short Shot the loveable Side Kick who loves to drive — 18 other people got this result!
    This quiz has been taken 215 times. 8% of people had this result.”

    This quiz is so fired.

  8. And now, a glutton for punishment, for the next diabolical quiz on the list —

    “Congratulations! You are most like a Damsel in Distress, the beautiful but stupid person who often drags everyone else behind. You always rely on others to get you out of sticky situations. The only separating factor between you and Victims is that you are gorgeous and treated with extra attention.”


  9. You poor misguided kids. Hollywood creatives do not “bill.” They do not even negotiate. That is what agents are for.

  10. No, but he is a great unifier. I was having a discussion about whether or not Irish men were circumcized and my friend and I both realized we each knew women who’d slept with Colin Farrell, and we could just ask.

  11. Hi im Oliver and i love Indiana Jones and it rocks sooooooooo much im 7 years old and i have got an older brother called jamie he is 18 and i have an older sister called Jessica and she is 10 years old and im the baby! lol hahahaahahhahahahaah mwahhhhh MWHAAAAAAAA

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