How to give a man hug

Stolen from the I-must-learn-how-to-use-that-someday VodPod widget over on Eat My Fucking Stilettos further to our earlier post about hugs. Man, I’ll figure this damn thing out one day; unfortunately, because this video is about man-to-man hugs, it serves only as background research. It presumes, ferinstance, that I have a brace of straight men handy, and if that were true, my friend, I would be far too busy to be posting at the moment, let me assure you.

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17 thoughts on “How to give a man hug

  1. “You don’t want to catch the huggee offguard.” Cute. You know, Raincoaster, that guy with the scarf could pass for a woman. What think you?

  2. I bet you looked like little Edmund Pevensie at the train station. Awwwwwww.

    Try looking like Janis Joplin. There’s a reason she died young: cuz you look stupid in that stuff once you’re over 40.

  3. More like Michael Palin although, now that you mention it, I do miss Turkish delight and Cadbury chocolate and creme and walnut beehives and Ken Dodd and Radio Times and getting tangled up in the barbed wire at Stonehenge and riding the boat to St. Michael’s Mount . . . . goddamn nostalgia . . . . .

  4. FLAKE BARS!!!

    There’s a place downtown where you can get proper Flake bars and Blackpool rock. My dentist loves that place. I have a recipe for cocoa that includes a third of a melted Flake bar. It’s as close to orgasm in a mug as you’ll ever experience…unless you’re a mug fetishist.

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