Mansinthe: booze o’ the day!

Marilyn MansonI’m not sure I’m up for this. Thanks (?) to Caddie, I’ve sampled actual absinthe, and I must say the experience was about as pleasurable as a fluoride treatment at the dentist‘s.

Now, apparently aware that there is essentially nothing you can do to make absinthe taste worse than it already does, Marilyn Manson is issuing his own brand of the noxious substance.

No word on who gets to “milk” him.

Now, if Trent Reznor wants to bottle his manjuice, I’ll take a case of it.

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34 thoughts on “Mansinthe: booze o’ the day!

  1. Hi guys, my name’s Martin & I work at La Fee Absinthe (the bottle in the pic), and I just wanted to drop in & say you guys can have 10% off your next order if you enter RAINCOASTER as a coupon during checkout at our online store at before the end of the year. Cheers!

  2. Was it really proper true absinthe served correctly? It shouldn’t taste anything like fluoride (or peppermint, or menthol, or wintergreen). It sounds suspiciously like you may have imbibed the so-called ‘Bohemian’ absinthe to me.

    Real absinthe, consumed properly, is a very pleasurable experience. Not to everyone’s taste, sure, but Bohemian absinthe is a disappointing experience in the best of circumstances. That’s why they set it on fire – the spectacle attempts to distract you from the vile taste.

  3. I don’t know where it was from, but I had it neat. It didn’t taste minty; it tasted noxious and medicinal. Caddie assured me that the ritual is not to IMPROVE the taste, but rather to distract you from the taste by preoccupying you.

    Martin, you are a man after my own heart. How about for every ten bottles ordered through Raincoaster, you kick me a free bottle? Is that too much to ask?

  4. Apparently absinthe is made from wormwood – yum. I’ve never tasted it but it smells like licorice to me. Similar to anise. Also similar to the Spanish aguardiente. Bleh.

    Some single malts also taste like mouthwash to me…

  5. I used to work at a record shop which hosted a PA by Mr Manson. Apparently there were two requests on his rider: 1) Loads of absinthe 2) The room to be chilled to zero degrees celsius. To be fair, I think he got one of the two.

    Oh, and I’m with Rain; Laphroaig > Ardbeg. I’ve just sampled a delicious 14yo old Longrow which gives the mighty Islay malt a run for its money though…

  6. > Martin, you are a man after my own heart. How about for every ten bottles ordered through Raincoaster, you kick me a free bottle? Is that too much to ask?

    Er… probably not as it happens… Gimme an email! What was the absinthe you tried that wasn’t too hot?

    And as for Manson, I packed the absinthe for his wedding — that’s as close as I get to the hanging out with the stars… go me :)

  7. Go you. You can drink the absinthe at my wedding to Trent Reznor!

    I’ll drop you an email.

    As I recall, the absinthe I tried was Czech if memory serves, and like I said, I had it neat, which I understand is NOT the way to do it. I have a nifty book on absinthe by Barnaby Conrad III, which is an excellent name for a booze writer, and I do enjoy the book.

    I understand Manson wants the room chilled so he can freak other people out and make them uncomfortable. Also, he is properly dressed, with frock coat and all. They’re all expecting it to be normal. I wonder how much of a poseur he is. Does he drink that much absinthe, or does he flourish it, quote Poe, and then go home and have a Bud Light?

  8. >>Caddie assured me that the ritual is not to IMPROVE the taste, but rather to distract you from the taste by preoccupying you.

    I’m suggesting you don’t trust Caddie in this matter. No-one drinks absinthe neat. It is way too sweet and way too strong. Like Pernod – you are not meant to drink that neat either. Absinthe is designed to be mixed with water – historically there were even little water fountains in the Absinthe Houses where you added it to your glass.

    The ritual is a big part of drinking absinthe and many people like Wilde and Verlaine wrote lyrically about it. Aside from being a nice thing to do it is pretty – the absinthe ‘louches’ as the water mixes with it and it turns a beautiful pearlescent pale green.

    Seriously – Caddie has really given you a bum steer. Straight absinthe is exactly as you say – noxious and medicinal tasting.

  9. As for whisky, before I discovered Ardbeg I was a card-carrying Laphroaig drinker. I even own a plot of land at the Laphroaig distillery (yeah, so it’s a foot square).

    I still drink Laphroaig, but I prefer Ardbeg…

  10. I am aware of the ritual. I have a few books on absinthe, actually. Some of those who wrote so beautifully about absinthe admitted that it wasn’t the taste they enjoyed at all; they liked the ritual, they liked drinking something that had to be doctored and controlled and that was quite obviously taken for the effects, rather than because it was “pleasant” in any way, shape or form. Wilde could get quite florid about how he drank it because it was something the mainstream wouldn’t touch, rather than because it was yummy.

    Still, I shall give the ritual a try. I have one of those spoons: inherited it from my great-uncle.

  11. I used to drink Pernod and pastis before I was able to get any absinthe here (until a few years ago we had the same kind of nutty laws about it in Australia that you have in the US) and I am very fond of the taste of aniseed so I do like the taste very much. If you don’t like anise you won’t like Absinthe for sure.

    It’s mistaken to say that the mainstream wouldn’t touch it. Like gin before it, it was widely consumed. Too widely, in fact – the problems with alcoholism that it engendered became unmanageable in Paris leading to its complete ban and all the erroneous myths about it ‘sending people mad’ that have echoed down the decades.

    What is true is that the upper classes didn’t drink it. It was viewed as a very working-class drink. That’s really why the artists took it up – an act of rebellion against the fashionable status quo. Pretty much the same reason that Marilyn Manson and the Goth trash set drink it.

  12. The only use for Pernod is to put in a … is it a Monkey Gland? That’s a nice cocktail. Other than that, nah. I don’t like it.

    The BOURGEOIS wouldn’t touch it. That was my point.

  13. I have drank a lot of alcohol in my days, but I am at a loss about most of what ya’ll are talking about. I’ve heard of absinthe before.. never tried it. Ya’ll are drinking some high class stuff? I prefer Crown Royal myself.

    Or a spliff.

  14. Crown Royal? Nice enough, but bland. Try Century Reserve 18-year-old if you like Canadian. There’s also one called, I think, Lot 40, which is awesomeness itself, but you can’t find it any more.

  15. Century Reserve.. sounds familiar believe I’ve had that before. I think there’s a Crown Royal reserve or some such, can’t remember the exact name, but it adds a little more to the flavor.

  16. I may give it a shot. I find the regular to be overpriced for what it gives you. Delicate, sure, that’s good, but it gives the impression of having been watered down even when it’s neat.

  17. Why the fuck are people going to review something they’re not interested in. Maybe it’s all politics which are evil in themselves no matter who the politician. Maybe people just leap at a chance to put down Manson… I’m looking for someone with the slightest bit of intelligence online, though I’m afraid it is a futile search, to review Mansinthe.

  18. Sweetheart, why would anyone bother to read reviews if people only reviewed things they liked? You’d already know if she liked it.

    And gripe all you like, but I have no issue with Manson, whom I respect and whose music I enjoy. And I have no gripe, naturally, with the La Fee Absinthe people like Martin, who did, after all, give me a discount like a good sport.

    If you think the world is crying out for a positive review of Mansinthe by someone of superior intellect, I’m sure you can think of no-one more qualified than yourself to write it. But know one thing:

    Manson himself doesn’t drink it for the taste, sweetie.

  19. Marilyn Manson drinks absinthe as long as there are reporters around. He drinks it for the publicity, of course. Manson is many things, but spontaneous is not one of them.

    So, from what you’re saying there should soon be another episode of bootlegging, as Canadians smuggle their thujone-laced absinthe down to the states?

  20. “Haha Marilyn Manson wears make-up so therefore he is stupid. Haha, I don’t like mainstream music. Haha, I hate when people enjoy music.”

    Seriously, I don’t listen to Marilyn Manson for the shock value I listen to him for the music.

    “The Man That You Fear,” “The Reflecting God,” “The Beautiful People,” “The Dope Show,” “Coma Black,” and “Coma White” and etcetera are all very good.

  21. JAPPO, you’re drinking too much Mansinthe; you’re a wee tad defensive, when nobody has attacked you.
    I’m not seeing that quotation you made anywhere in this thread. Please do us all the favour of not making shit up.

    I think Manson is a poseur whose stock in trade is shock value, but I have a significant amount of respect for him as a writer and musician.

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