Siegfried and Roy and…

Siegfried and Roy and friend

Who’s that girl? Click on the pic to find out.

Post your guesses in the comments section, and “Grandma” has already been taken.

That one was mine.

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15 thoughts on “Siegfried and Roy and…

  1. Good lord, am I the only one who thought she was unrecognizable? Not that it’s bad; she looks good for her age. I’ve just never in my entire life seen her look so normal!

  2. Well at least she looks A) healthy and B) really happy. I’ve always been a Liza fan, but with her lifestyle I thought we’d have lost her at the age of 40.

    I should dig up this video I saw of her making her tv debut: she was 13, and it was her mother’s show. She was fragile, beautiful, and quite obviously very, very talented. She looked like a Keane orphan painting, with the HUGE eyes.

  3. I saw that on a television programme, Rain. Not sure if it was one about Judy or Liza (I think Judy), but yes – those eyes.

    I also saw Liza perform in Toronto … oh, must have been close to 25 years ago now. She was fabulous.

    Taking yet another look at that photo I can see a bit of Liza around the eyes – I think it’s the mouth that looks different. But yeah, she’s looking good. I’m also glad she ‘survived’ that last dickhead she was married to. *shudder*

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