RIP: Pavarotti

I’m late on this, but I’m sure you’ll understand it took me some time to work through my feelings. Pavarotti was a greatly talented man, and perhaps the highest iteration of a particular type, ie the man possessed of immortal talent who doesn’t mind trotting it out at his Mom’s every damn Sunday dinner, or singing at a friend’s birthday party, or showing up for any benefit concert that will have him, provided they lay on the pasta spread.

And I love people like that. To the other, equally talented individuals who hoard their gifts as if they are MRE’s in the face of Katrina, we say: can I buy you an enema, darling?

Luciano Pavarotti, perhaps the greatest opera singer of the 20th Century, and disco diva/supermodel Grace Jones, at a benefit for Angola.

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8 thoughts on “RIP: Pavarotti

  1. Those are shocking news indeed.

    I remember him singing with those other two great singers: José Carreras and Placido Domingo. In fact, I have a couple of CDs with the 3 of them singing together… talent, great talent.

    RIP Mr. Pavarotti

  2. Yep. What everyone seems to forget is that operas, like Shakespeare’s plays, were originally written for everyone to get out on evenings and weekends and be entertained. It wasn’t for the upper crust, and it wasn’t a scene where you politely sat down and applauded each aria. Pavarotti remembered that.

  3. Even if Pavarotti wasn’t “the greatest opera singer of the 20th century” (I am in no position to judge) I agree with FFE that he was certainly the most accessible, especially for opera ‘know nuthins’ like me. He had a wonderful way of bringing opera to the people in a manner that no other opera singer I know of has ever done.

    And didn’t he have the most beautiful face, especially when he was singing?

    That was a fab video, Rain – thanks.

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