Natalie Portman wants you to marry your boyfriend (updated)

Natalie Portman, homophobeUPDATED: now that’ I’ve drunk my coffee, I see I completely misinterpreted things. All corrected!)

If Natalie Portman has ever put so much as a pinkie toe wrong since she began her career at, what, 12? I certainly never heard about it.

The accent in V for Vendetta notwithstanding.

And she doesn’t even come from some fringe Yahoos For Jesus cult: she’s a good, old-fashioned Jewish girl.

So it is with relief that we read the following quote attributed to Miss P:

“I’m not convinced about marriage. Divorce is so easy, and that fact that gay people are not allowed to marry takes much of the meaning out of it. … Committing yourself to one person is sacred.”

And the future Natalie Portman Broadway musical gets moved to the fast track!


12 thoughts on “Natalie Portman wants you to marry your boyfriend (updated)

  1. I’m sorry, I couldn’t get past the pink hair and the memory of her in that form fitting white jump suit she wore in Star Wars.

    But she has a hell of a point.

  2. This goes in line with in California now you can’t say mom or dad as it will offend children of homosexuals. I thought the fight was about learning to live with each other. Now I have to change my behavior because someone will get offended. I have heard gay people say that this is directing negative attention where it is not needed. I’m all for letting someone live the way they desire. But to change an ancient institution seems so wrong. Why do States need to define this when all we need to do is look it up in the dictionary. Waste is all it is. We have come a long way and this thinking is taking us back. It is irritating that the masses falls for this “politically correct” line of legislation. It seems like such a diversion against what we should be paying attention to. Like the failing dollar, Or the loss of our way of life due to all the recent stupid laws.

  3. Big problem here! What’s the fuss about what Natalie Portman says about marriage. What does Stephen Harper or George W. Bush or John Howard or Gordon Brown have to say about this, about war, about how they can control what you do, who you live with, what you eat, the purity of the air you breathe or the cleanliness of the water you drink? What about your next-door-neighbour? What about the people in your community? Get with it people! There are things out there that matter more!

  4. I think you should update your tag now that you’ve had your coffee so to speak. The bigot tag belongs nowhere in this article, unless it is preceded by “the opposite of a”.

  5. This goes in line with in California now you can’t say mom or dad as it will offend children of homosexuals.

    That’s just silly..

    I like Natalie Portman and it’s always nice to see an actress that isn’t constantly causing controversies..

  6. Half full half empty- seems like she is saying she does want to get involved in a tradition that purposely excludes a fair percentage of the population.

  7. Justin, you have a point, although stats tell me this post is unbelievably popular among … bigots. They’re just too scared to leave a comment. And Portman’s point was about bigotry, among other things.

    Rob, I appreciate the thoughtful comment, but I can’t agree. They didn’t used to allow slaves to marry either. We have this idea called Progress which doesn’t always work, but sometimes the human race actually fails to screw up and we correct ancient wrongs. Allowing gay people to marry is correcting an ancient wrong. After all, the Bible says marriage is all about procreation, so does that mean we don’t allow old women to get married? Do we insist on a fertility test for both parties? No, we recognize that God wants us to be able to pledge ourselves to the one we love, and that we have the right to do so in front of the community and have our bond acknowledged.

    Sayblade, are you saying there are things that matter more than human rights? I’m not seeing it. Heads of state are, of course, the ones who are responsible for what is legal and what is not in their country; in mine, gay marriage is legal. In the others you’ve mentioned, it’s not. It should be.

  8. Hello, just wanted to thank you all for noticing us. Sadly I feel the need to emphasize that “Who Would Jesus Vote For” is not some fringe Yahoos For Jesus cult, we are a strongly progressive liberal blog that supports equal rights for everyone. So even though the post linked above is clearly satire, its tagged satire, and there are a couple dozen comments stating that it is satire we still get new visitors coming every day to say how horrible it is.

    So, thanks again for noticing us, and we welcome everyone to visit and comment. Have a wonderful day.


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