The Greatest (and Grossest) Workplace Safety Video of All Time!

Ohhhhhh, we know some bloggers who’ll be so jealous! But no, we at the ol’ raincoaster blog got it first!!!

via Deadspin

If you think it’s too gross to be shown on tv, just realize that this PSA aired during Hockey Night in Canada; anyone who watches that is totally jaded, violence-wise already.

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16 thoughts on “The Greatest (and Grossest) Workplace Safety Video of All Time!

  1. Not even close. I got the press release announcing this. But Ontario has a history of graphic workplace safety imagery, so I didn’t think it was particularly special. Posting my fave over at my place, just ‘cos you mentioned it.

  2. Back in the day when political correctness hadn’t invaded everything the Workman’s Compensation Board of BC had a book on industrial safety and first aid, with a few graphic shots of real injuries. The one I remember most was of a hand hanging at right angles to a wrist by a few shreds of skin. We were just kids, and found it fascinating.

  3. Head chef? Well, that’s one way to cook the fucker. Can we have more of these advertisements where horrific and hilarious pain is inflicted on the messenger please? We get hundreds of ads for personal accident claims in the UK. I would love to see the one “I was walking through reception, when a rabid wolf ripped off my genitals, poured boiling curry in the hole, and sliced my legs off. I got £25 in compensation.”

  4. Ian: howcum I didn’t get to see that? All we got was a closeup of a compound fracture, dammit!

    Vicus, I’m working on one featuring Cameron, but the only bad thing that’s ever happened to him was being born so fucking dull.

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  7. WHAT THE FUCK? That’s the last thing I want to see right before I board an airplane. OY!

    Note to self: Do not wear polyester tomorrow.

    Damn and here I thought she was gonna slice off her finger and that nice ring with it…

  8. Eeek! I thought maybe it was a bloodborne pathogens thing– that maybe she’d cut her finger a little, and spread HIV throughout the world. Thanks for the unicorn chaser. I’m going to look at it a little more now.

  9. Stil: are you going to be making soup aboard the plane? Think of it this way: you’ll be much farther from grease spots in kitchens up there!

    mbmc: you’re welcome. Perhaps I should make it standard equipment. The MST3K video is also refreshing.

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