The first annoying vegan

The first annoying vegan

’nuff said. From The Joy of Tech, passed along by MistressCowfish.

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17 thoughts on “The first annoying vegan

  1. So, when I was growing up and being indoctrinated with Catholic dogma, I was always pretty certain that the milk and honey would flow in seperate rivers.

    I’m pretty sure that means they were ‘naturally occuring’ (ie granted by god, not bees and goats) and therefore not actually instigating any problems for the animal rights movements.

    But then, at the time I ate fish fingers and nothing else. So I’m not sure if animal welfare was top on the list of my priorities.

    But yeah, without rivers flowing freely that shit just ain’t environmentally sustainable.


  2. Vicus – whaddya mean “when we are all in hell”? Life is such that we spend time on a little box having an electronic conversation and even then we spend that time considering the fuckwits that are in government over our lives. And have you had a Macdonalds recently? This is hell.

  3. Her Grace the Marchioness de WitchHampton under B etc

    Your Grace

    Giant Pandas – though much loved by the Chinese & others – aren’t they facing Extinction because they are Vegans who only eat vegetables … indeed they eat only bamboo shoots

    even though Evolutionists claim that they are a Bear most primitive, with a digestive system intelligently designed to eat MEAT and not vegetables

    Perhaps les Communistes should send them to re-education camps to learn them how to eat pSalmon

    Yr Grace’s obedient servant etc

    G Eagle

  4. Vicus: in Hell, of course, us carnivores will eat the vegans. Your torture is that you have to continue for eternity as… vegans.

    Alabaster, I think you’re right. God made bees and cows; he could certainly make rivers of animal cruelty-free milk and honey.

    G Eagle: I am increasingly coming to believe that pandas and all other potential carnivores would be doing the world a favour if they would simply live off a diet of Chinese manufacturing executives.

    Philipa, I have no words against the little electric box you find so confining. Indeed, when you’re not allowed to leave the house or speak your mind in the square, you can at least let your voice go free online (and if that microcephalic, paranoid twat causes you any more problems, you send him to me).

    Bobby: you don’t LIVE with a vegan. Trust me on this.

    Ian, I’m not going. You can’t make me. I’ll throw a lighted match into the room and the vegans will blow sky-high from all the methane.

  5. Raincoaster you are, of course, right – when I’ve been confined through loss of mobility the little box has been there, and when I’ve been starved of the conversation I crave (most mums think an interest in politics equates to a need for medication, I think an interest in ‘Eastenders’ equates to a need for medication) the little box has been there. The little box is not confining, it is the circumstances we find ourselves in that are confining. And thankyou for your offer ;-)

    Some time ago you made a comment on Boris’s blog concerning the control and supression of the masses by witholding education. Or tailoring education? It was in the form, or contained, a long quote and was quite brilliant. Can you remember it? Or perhaps the author of the quote it contained? With only your name and ‘education’ as key words I cannot find it and would like to if poss. Would greatly appreciate your help if poss. Many thanks x

  6. I can’t remember my sister’s middle name. I certainly can’t remember the comment on the Boris blog. I think the search only applies to Boris’ posts, and the way around that is to go to google and type in the search box:

    raincoaster education control

  7. Your Grace

    How many High-Calorie-bodied American business-executives equate to 5 svelte Chinese business executives ???

    Perhaps the Prospekt of so many generously-proportioned Americans as a food-supply that persuaded gentle Panda-Bears to leave the New World & settle on a Vegan diet in the Middle Kingdom …..

    Yr Grace’s obedt servt etc

    G E

  8. You, my friend, don’t know the same Chinese executives that I do; the only thing that keeps these guys from ballooning to Jabba the Hut proportions is the amount they smoke. Probably bad for the pandas, though.

  9. Sadly, some people seem to have been somehow deriving their sense of humor from beef and dairy. A very odd scientific occurence. I find eggplant works well as a source of humor for me, personally.

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