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angry vegetarian iz angry

angry vegetarian iz angry

Ah, vegetarians. Of their quaint, placid, cud-chewing ways we have blogged before:

Many and many are the times we have been told that a meat-including diet leads to anger management issues and constipation, unlike the Diet of Peace, which causes the dieter to exude an ethereal glow and yoga tips at all times. Oh, and it is needless to remark, but what the hell, I do dream of being paid by the word one day, that they have cornered the market on defensive sanctimony, taking it away from the Catholic Church in a hard-won title match.

And now that I know where I won’t be living in March and am a few steps closer to knowing where I WILL be living, I can take the time to get back to some of my normal routines. Like getting into flamewars on Gawker.

greenvelvet 1 of 68 replies @Robert Kessler 20 hours ago

Why do people assume vegetarians are trying to prove something to you or are judging you? I could give a fuck less if people eat meat. Hell, I prepare it all the time for my family. If you or someone you knew had a heart attack or stroke like my mother has had and it devastated their and your life, I doubt you’d tell them “Burgers up!” though.

greenvelvet 1 reply @raincoaster 16 hours ago

I’m not. His article was full of snide remarks. Heart disease has taken an incredible toll on my family so I had an opinion to share. How am I being judgmental by saying I don’t mind other people eating meat exactly? This article was judgmental from the get go.

greenvelvet 1 reply @raincoaster 5 hours ago

I wouldn’t give you the time of day in real life so I won’t on here, anymore. Go back to the Games People Play store, crawl back into your darkened corner with all the other dorks who will never get laid and have a big circle jerk until you collapse and die.

raincoaster just now

Nope, not shrill, didactic, or judgemental in the least. Nope. Well, that’s me converted to the Diet of Peace.


5 thoughts on “Business as Usual

  1. There’s a macrobiotic restaurant just down from my house (I think it was the first in Madrid in the 70’s). I walk by it a few times a day, and in the 13 years I’ve lived here, I’ve never thought, “hmm, that smells good”. It’s as quiet as a church, and everybody eating there looks glum. I love me my veggies (and now I’m taking blood thinners and can’t eat as many greens as I’d like, sob) but damn, if eating isn’t fun, the hell with it. And yeah, how come vegans and macroheads smoke so much?

  2. There are a few Vegetarians in my husbands family. None that are angry. LOL! Wow. I respect any decision by any person on what they chose to eat. But I have to share a quote I saw: Native Indian word for Vegetarian: Bad Hunter. ;)

  3. That’s true about the smoking. When I worked at Greenpeace there were always people complaining about how their dogs and cats would throw up their vegan food and were losing weight. They mostly compared notes while smoking. I would yell at them as they went out for their smoke breaks, “Cigarettes are tested on animals!!!” They hated me at Greenpeace.

    Beadden, that is HYSTERICAL!!!! I am so writing that down to memorize!

  4. I have met both self-righteous vegetarians and self-righteous omnivores who smoke. I have met self righteous Christians, who consider their bodies to be sacred sanctuaries for the Holy Spirit of God, who smoke and drink, and who insist humans were meant to have dominion over the planet, rather than being stewards of it. I have been verbally attacked by the latter, who while both drinking and smoking, had the temerity to threaten me with going to hell because I don’t embrace the paper pope or the clown in Rome either. As far as I can tell we are all self-contradictory hypocrites at some level or another. (The Bastard Fairies-We’re All Going To Hell (Official Video) )

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