DIY of the Day: Clone a Beatle!

John Lennon

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, for only $48,000 (plus shipping and handling) you, too, could clone your own morose, heroin-addicted musical icon.

A book enclosing a lock of John Lennon‘s hair has been sold at auction for £24,000.

It was part of a lot of items owned by Betty Glasow, former hairdresser to the Beatles…The inscription in the book reads: “To Betty, Lots of Love and Hair, John Lennon…”

Lennon’s hair had only been expected to fetch between £2,000 and £3,000. By our rough calculations, this would put the value of an entire mop-top at around two million pounds.

“[Glasow] feels that rather than these things being stuck in a drawer with nobody enjoying them, real enthusiasts [could] get their hands on these things.” He conveniently leaves out the bits where Glasow rakes in several thousand pounds and creepy Lennon hair “enthusiasts” get their hands on some Fab Four DNA.

Well, exactly!

Think of the fun you could have messing with a weathered-looking Paul McCartney (“ooooh, who’s the pretty one now, eh melad?“) or a professionally-bereaved Yoko Ono (“Daddy’s back, sweetheart! Didja miss me?“). Not to mention Phil Spector! (“Just coom back to give a deposition, pal! Old Ned says hi, see you soon!“).

Or Mark David Chapman.

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10 thoughts on “DIY of the Day: Clone a Beatle!

  1. I dunno. I think if I was going to clone a Beatle it would have to be Ringo. He is the Beatle who got the hot babes that has to mean something undisclosed but important is going on there.

  2. This is true. But you might get Ringo to donate some DNA willingly if you ask nicely.

    Me, I’d go for George. But I’d make damn good and sure he never started smoking.

  3. Clone a Beatle? What a dreadful thought. Of all the Brits one could clone, to choose this one? That’s like having a poll of the greatest Briton and Liz I narrowly missing out to Posh Spice.

  4. Come on, John Lennon never stuffed a shirt in his life! Also, he was lousy at the catwalk.

    On the other hand, Victoria Beckham wouldn’t put up with Paul’s crap for five minutes!

  5. John was my favorite Beatle. Even if her were alive, he’s definitely not the Brit I would choose to clone. Now there’s a subject for you – clone nominees. ;)

  6. Given that we could raise them and prevent them from picking up nasty habits, the field is intriguing. A nice, nonsmoking Brad Pitt would work for me…or an Oscar Wilde, to go out with and gossip.

  7. Richard Burton would be my choice – and I’m make him narrate every blog entry I post. Scratch that, he’d have to narrate my entire life.

    Eddie Izzard would be interesting to clone. Granted he isn’t deceased yet, but imagine the possibilities!

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