another reason to control immigration

From Popbitch:

Men in England and Wales are twice as likely to die as a result of having a foreign object in their anus as they are through being struck by lightning.

Like, Italian sausage?

15 thoughts on “another reason to control immigration

  1. folks over here are paying a hundred bucks for a go at that vacuum cleaner. seriously. they get themselves all scooped out and squeaky clean, and start all over. no chit.

  2. …. and what about the Scotch


    …. how many more must expire because of the increasing prevalence of Wild Haggises, threatening Scotch Waistlines to bursting


    Oh for those glorious days of the British Empire when the Scotch were lean & hungry and had to go off to North America & the Antipodes to find feud


    …. at least if Scotland were thrown out of the UK, we could then introduce Border Controls to keep HAGGISES OUT and to stop Inglaterrans having to pay so much in Government Subsidies for Scotch, under the Barnett Formula



  3. Where the HELL are they putting the Scotch? Anything other than “in a nice Old Fashioned glass over a splash of water” is wrong.

    Are you saying the Scots are so fat that when the Englishmen stuff them up their rectums, they explode? Whoa, howcum the BBC haven’t told this story?!?!?!

  4. @Herr G Eagle – Any more of this inelegant harumphing and I will sic my pack of wild Haggises onto you!

    @Rain – Scotch is carefully brewed with only the best smoky peat waters – and YOU DARE to add any old water to the sacred drink? Scotch should be drunk as it comes from the bottle – perhaps with an elegant ice cube!


  5. I never heard they were intimate with France, though.

    Archie, do you have wild haggises (haggii?) down in Aus? I can just see them, screaming “A dingo ate my chipolata! A dingo ate my chipolata!”

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