The Tom Cruise Scientology Constipation Video

YOU don’t know constipation cures! Tom Cruise DOES!

“I have canceled that in my area.”

That is my future t-shirt slogan.

Best. Scientology. Mashup. Evar.

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21 thoughts on “The Tom Cruise Scientology Constipation Video

  1. It you only knew the benefits that Scientology does for people. I have never experienced anything like it.

    Ignorance, Ignorance reins in the media on this subject. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    This is discrimination at it’s best.

    And I bet all of you claim your not prejediduice

  2. I do indeed claim not to be “prejudiduice.”

    But your right….we should be able to laugh at Scientologists just as much as we laugh at every other “religion.”

  3. “As much as I’m carrying, I feel like I have to go more …”


    They don’t know psychos–we know psychos!

    Theresa honey, you’re right. I’m utterly prejudiced against cults that manipulate vulnerable people’s feelings of persecution, paranoia, and inadequacy.

    I don’t favour religion much, but I feel that Hubbardism is the Amway of religion. A sort of spiritual MLM scam.

    But I’ll give that cynicism all up if someone shows me an accuarate engineering blueprint of that “analysis” machine the seekers get hooked up to.

    If the Scientologists feel that they’re being picked on, maybe they need an engram or two cleared. Of course, it’ll cost them …

  4. “prejediduice” eh?

    YOU don’t know spelling. I DO!!!

    I don’t have an issue with religions; it’s abuse and crime that I have an issue with. Also, pomposity.

    Are you saying that Scientology does NOT have the cure for constipation? I’ve seen the original video, and Cruise insists that it’s the cure for everything.

  5. Metro: I have nothing against getting people to believe in your imaginary friend, except when you know him to be imaginary AND you commit human rights abuses against them to ensure that they never leave your group. Several Scientologists have gone to prison for just such crimes. Any morally-based faith would naturally abhor such tactics.

  6. Okay, I’m sorry but it’s “ignorance reigns.” So that was kind of funny.

    Also, it should be “This is discrimination at its best.” There’s no apostrophe.

    Um…there SHOULD be an apostrophe in “your.” See, when it’s a contraction, you put the little “‘” in. So, it should really be “you’re not prejediduice.”

    Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. It was bugging me. I hope Scientology can cure bad spelling and grammar, as well as constipation.

  7. “turtlehead situations”
    You’re stuck in traffic and realize you just downed an X-tra large coffee and a bran muffin.
    Oh, yeah. It’s definitely a TS.
    Funny, funny, funny, Rain . . .

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  9. Actually, I did kinda like I Am Legend, even if “The Last Man on Earth” was closer to Matheson’s vision. Besides, it was a neat twist: instead of Heston getting the black girl, Smith avoided the stereotype of the black guy getting the white girl

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