Not Abandoned abandons us

Freedom, so close and yet so far

I guess he’s still bitter about that whole “gelding” thing. Thoroughbreds are so sensitive!

In news that will delight fans of Walter Farley‘s classic Island Stallion books, a winning and winsome registered Thoroughbred racehorse called Not Abandoned has slipped the surly bonds of civilization and apparently either dematerialized entirely or joined a herd of wild brumbies in the Outback. Unfortunately for the brumby gene pool, the horse has long since been parted from his twin tickets to immortality, having been gelded as a colt. Still, I’m sure he’s an excellent conversationalist.

Australian authorities are also investigating the possibility of horse rustlers, although the market around Alice Springs for an internationally infamous seven year old gelding who can’t be raced (no papers) or sold would be less than millionaire-making; he’d be worth perhaps 35 cents per pound, meaning about $400.

I’m sure, however, that this case will be solved. Just as soon as OJ Simpson finds the real killers of Shergar.

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