Public Service Announcement: Safe Sex, Ugandan Style!

Uganda Safe Sex flyer

stolen from nurse myra at the Gimcrack Hospital who stole it, obviously, from

That last line’s a doozy, eh?

Let us now review, apropos of nothing in particular, the difference between Theory and Practice.

The distance between theory and practice is always so much smaller in theory than in practice.

Thank you. That concludes today’s Ugandan Discussion.

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14 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement: Safe Sex, Ugandan Style!

  1. Makes me want to return to church–doesn’t it say that all men should be treated as brothers?

    Hell, I’ve been doing the Lord’s work all along!

  2. men now day unfaithful to women , because you fine a man who has more than three women , but still go out for more , uganda now day is destory like musilm culture the give away young girl to very old person who is going to destory her future , how can we fight Aids within our world when every things is upside down .

  3. Well, “abstinence” and “faithfulness” are not the answers, because human nature hasn’t measurably changed in thousands of years. Condoms are about the only thing that has proven to help. Unfortunately, what I expect to happen is literally social Darwinism in action: societies whose traditions and mores are unsuited to a world with AIDs will die out, and there will be a point of “thrashing” where every alternative society attempts to assert itself. This will be a point of rapid extinction and mutation in social models, as the disease essentially plays whack-a-mole with communities. Whatever survives will be the new standard.

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