The Spiders from … Antarctica!

Of the many and varied delightful creatures which enliven the drear, dark depths, there are perhaps more mysteries than certainties. From time to time a trawler will snag something huge, something strange, something unspeakable; briefly it surfaces on Ananova or Reuters, only to be tossed back into the void, too disturbing for true contemplation.

We live on a placid isle of ignorance, amidst black seas of chaos,
and it is not meant that we should voyage far

Tunicates on the ocean floor

Giant sea creatures, including sea spiders the size of dinner plates and
jellyfish with six-metre long tentacles, have been found by Australian scientists in the deep waters around Antarctica.

Huge worms and giant crustaceans have been filmed during an expedition which trawled the floor of the Southern Ocean almost a mile below the surface. Many of the animals could not be identified and are to be sent to labs, possibly to be classed as newly discovered species…

So it is with these strange creatures recently spotted in the subsurface valley depths of the great Antarctic Mountains of Madness. Where shoggoths breed, man was never meant to tread. I wouldn’t want to be this videographer once they find out their secrets have been exposed. Philipa passed the footage along to me, and I put it out to the public as a way of saying, “Look. See what wonders, what horrific marvels our world contains. These living anomalies share our planet, dwelling beneath the deceptively peaceful surface of the Antarctic Ocean, crawling and thrashing, killing and breeding all unsuspected in the Stygian, turbid void beneath us…”

We live in Fortean times indeed.

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13 thoughts on “The Spiders from … Antarctica!

  1. Who knows what remains to be discovered on this earth? We’re trying to find out for sure if micro-organisms ever lived on Mars, yet haven’t even catalogued what’s in the Amazon before it’s gone or – like you’ve shown here – what lurks below.

    Rain, I know I go off-topic in the comments, but I thought this might help you to know: I read your feed in Bloglines. For some reason, yours is the only one that gives me difficulty. It comes in reaalllllyyyy reallllyyyyy wide, so I have to scroll back and forth and back again to see the pictures, which are centred, and of course read the sentences to the end. Any idea what might be causing this?

  2. ian, I think it’s got to relate to the width of the main column; 620 pixels has got to be nearly the widest in But I’ll ask Juan, who did the CSS, if he’s got any ideas. Sounds like a pain; sorry about that!

    What are you ladies talking about? What better place for horrible, writhing, blind albino creepy-crawlies than a mile under the Antarctic Ocean?

  3. Aww thankyou, like the way you presented the post and liked the link to Fort; interesting. Can’t say I completely subscribe to his point of view though. In knowing what exists and what doesn’t I tend more towards the Granny Weatherwax approach.

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