What has Barack Obama done for you lately?


Eh? Answer me that! But after you do, click on this link and hit Reload a couple of times to find out just exactly what Barack Obama really has done for you that you didn’t even notice, you ungrateful wretch!

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19 thoughts on “What has Barack Obama done for you lately?

  1. He held my umbrella. Awwwwww, too bad it’s not raining.

    Barack should damn well FIND the time! Or I’ll make sure he’s got plenty of free time over the next four years!

  2. Good Luck!

    I’m technically neutral, because whoever you vote for, it always turns out bad for us, but Clinton is just so bloodless and calculating that I cannot believe she entered into public service for any other reason than the balance sheet. Her husband, flawed though he is, really wanted to change the world through the Presidency. Her, I think she looked at it as a career path move, and that’s just not good enough, regardless of gender.

    My favorite book on the race for the Presidency is Richard Ben Cramer’s What It Takes. Gruesome, noble, exhaustive, and nit-picky, it’s got all the contradictions fully expressed and, somehow, resolved.

  3. He’s just so sweet– I love him for all of these things he’s done for me. He just called, and is on his way to scrape the ice off of my windshield.

    I agree with your assessment though, rain.

  4. I heard the rumor that he smokes was started by the Clinton camp. Sounds like them. I voted for Barack Obama, but Hillary swept across my state. I demand a redo!

  5. Mr.Obama gave not only i,but millions, billions ,trillions more blacks, spanish , asiain ,and any minority group hope for success and the motivation we needed to want more, want change ,and the courage and strength to have the mind set that ,i too just like Mr.Obama cam make change

  6. he gave me free time with no job comes no worries! he also help the homeless with begging classes that start out free! thank god jesus hasnt come back cause i think obama would tell him “Jesus I am your father”!

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