mo’ momo: so you feel like shit

See, this is why you shouldn’t mess with Canadians. Because not only did we popularize the concept of brutality in team sports (there’s no “I” in “ICU!” Oh, wait…Canadians say “I” will put “U” in intensive care, “C?”) but our motivational speakers don’t natter on about lathering your positive vibes over the pectorals of the Universe or scattering the rose petals of your dreams on the cosmic winds. They just straight-out tell you what to do when you feel like shit.

Canucks do not mess around. If we’d had momo during the War of 1812, our Foreign Minister and his biker chick would be enduring CSIS‘s interrogations from their private quarters in the White House.

One thought on “mo’ momo: so you feel like shit

  1. salut momo je te connais par slim williams on a déja diné ensemble ca fais un bout de temp tu es le meileur motivation speaker que je connais si tu prend ce message je me fou de savoir si ca me coute j ai besoin de toi je suis pret a te payé pour me remettre en forme je suis en detresse et je suis sur que tu peux me remettre sur la bonne voix ta réponse serais tres apprecié

    merci d avance

    Mario 450 227 5161 n hesite pas a m apeller j ai vraiment besoin du meilleur


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