Whatever Works!

Well, it’s practical. This has to be the cheapest method of governmental family planning assistance of which I’ve ever seen. Truly, this is brilliant.


30 thoughts on “Whatever Works!

  1. Two years ago there was a report out of Romania about a couple who’d sought fertility treatments, only to be corrected about their technique.

  2. As far as I know, Mormons are fine with sex. Lots of sex. However you want to have it as long as it is with the opposite gender. Baptists? Not so much, Baptists cannot even dance because it might look like sex in the WRONG position. [Baptists are pretty strict about positions.] Catholics are going to go sproggers over this too, they only get to have sex for procreation purposes. This is one the Mormons win. [wink]

  3. Don’t Mormons wear that special underwear, though, so you can only have sex in Mormon-approved fashion? You’re right about the Baptists, though. As for the Catholics, probably yet another area where there are two interpretations: one for the priesthood and one for the clergy.

  4. You can take that off as long as it is still attached to your body by a string. Mormons do not bathe in undergarments the way nuns are supposed to. I figure you can use the same rule for sex. I am playing pretty fast and loose with someone else’s religion there but hey I survived three years in Utah as a gentile that should earn me a little latitude. :::whistling:::

  5. Reading that sign, I find myself thinking that there’s a colon missing. But the keyboard mocks me when I type that.

    And like your Technorati rating you can pimp the hell out of it if you wish to gain more internal affirmation.

  6. Everyone?? What do they do about Englishmen? The schools? One can only presume they have schools in hillbilly country, what do they do about the men there? And the livestock? And the visitors, in canoes?

    Stop boasting that Canada has the most beaver, tuh!

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