Lolebrity: Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in NAFTA

cross-posted from lolebrity, for I am very busy today and this one has crossover potential.

Sandra Bullock an Ryan Reynolds ar Canada an tha US

imaj: raincoaster
sorse: DListed

Sandy ar playin Canuckistani refugee.

Ryan ar playin America.

Pritty reel-listic if u ax me.

9 thoughts on “Lolebrity: Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in NAFTA

  1. Vry speshul!

    I think I know why my gravy thickener post got 200+ hits today from Canada and the US – one of my se terms is ‘gravy thickener 4 letters’! It must be in a popular crossword today and I’ll bet agar is the answer but it’s not in my post. But now it’s here so maybe you’ll get some hits.

  2. Well if I were you I’d put it in my post. Or put up a new post and edit the one getting all the hits to say “I bet I know what you’re looking for, and it’s HERE” <- Linkie

  3. Well you could go back that far, but you’d have to wait around another half-century for them to discover electricity to send you back.

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