Step Away From The Keyboard

Married To The Sea

22 thoughts on “Step Away From The Keyboard

  1. Hey! I think I know that guy . . .
    Has a Harvey Keitel thing happening as in “Bad Lieutenant”
    Wonderful stuff, Rain, as usual

  2. I tell myself that all the time, Rain.
    I think I’ll have to print that and pin it above my computer. I love it! Thanks.

  3. I took yesterday off and it was quite restful, although somewhat disorienting. Committing to getting some outdoor exercise every day has been very helpful in maintaining perspective.

    I keep trying to blog about it, but my computer apparently hates the subject and crashes every time I try to post. Ah well.

  4. This is actually rather disturbing. I wonder how long it will be before the really is an “Internet Police”. George Orwell was a visionary. 1984 may have come and gone, but there’s still 2084.

    Cool blog, btw


  5. Thanks. I think I’ve seen you around here before, haven’t I?

    And apparently, thanks to certain internet providers it’s a reality now. The Vancouver Community Net limits people to 90 minute sessions, and at least one of the larger ISPs has begun “throttling” people’s access, ie if they’re on more often, they have a lower quality connection. It’s been challenged in court, however, so we shall see what happens.

  6. Your Grace

    “Murder of Ravens” is evidently a Man of Taste & DisCrimination, like so many of your Grace’s Visitors

    Perhaps he could favour his intrigued readers with an explanation of his Blog-Title


    Perhaps you Grace could tell us – are we to safe to assume that this Peeler is right-handed – what is he holding in his Left-Hand

    Your Grace’s obedient servant etc

    G E

  7. Actually, if you patch in through a US based server, FISA provides the telcos with not just the right, but the outright responsibility to sift through your surfing data and flag anything vaguely suspicious for the FBI/CIA. No warrant necessary.

    Let us wage a holy blood crusade against jihaders martyrs with our dirty innocent bombs and our infidel airport alligator luggage. We will pig sandbag them with our sacred terrorism in the New York Public Library at 4 pm on Caturday. Can you believe that dude who was talking about beheading Stephen Harper’s bizarre little wooden corpse?

    Getting any hits from Langley yet?

    No, not the one with the horses, the one with the Mormons.

  8. “Murder of Ravens” is evidently a Man of Taste & DisCrimination, like so many of your Grace’s Visitors

    Heaven knows, I try.

    Perhaps he could favour his intrigued readers with an explanation of his Blog-Title

    Now that would be telling, wouldn’t it? ;) You’ll just have to stop by my little corner of cyberspace. The answer lies there.


  9. Metro, you’ll be inflamed with jealousy to hear that Langley has indeed been a semi-regular visitor to this blog, along with something in Alexandria and Leavenworth. I kid you not.

    What is the cop holding in his left hand? They keys to the entire Internet, that’s what!

  10. Jealousy?

    Darling, you’re a cautionary tale about the price of famewhoring.

    Now if there was actual money involved … or if it increased my chances of being shot by the jealous husband of a supermodel under circumstances that would remain unpublished for reasons of simple decency, then I might feel a wee bit envious.

    However, the one thing I’ve never actually heard anyone say is “Hey–blogging’s done wonders for my sex life.”

  11. …ouch! Was just logging on to say Married to the Sea rules, thanks for helping me in the forum earlier and great tip about The Manolo – had no idea it existed. Now that I know how you really feel I will sheepishly hit ‘post comment’ and go put the chicken fingers in the oven.

  12. Well, see, the advice to go have a life is never bad advice.

    I was thinking we should probably blogroll you over at TeenyManolo: and you might want to enter our contest. Who doesn’t like Stila stuff?

  13. Ya I did lose it, (dammit!) but I’ve got myself another. Nokia this time.
    And someday, I’ma get myself a MacBook or at least HTC Shift PDA! –only if I accidently be rich :'(.

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