the Blogosphere works in mysterious ways


Operation Global Media Domination

Indeed, no sooner had I cried to the heavens with wailing and the rending of garments (well, they were slightly torn already, but surely that counts? Like, God wouldn’t be picky about placement in linear time, would he? Ya think a deity doesn’t have better things to do than fart around with continuity details? Puh-leez!) about the loss of my paid gig than the clouds parted (probably accompanied by the Red Sea, but I can’t tell from here…anybody got Google Earth?) the angels sang (NIN’s Year Zero actually; it was lovely) and the mysterious Manolo handed me a sweet and juicy gig that’s probably ultimately going to pay better, take less time, and definitely means I don’t have to read Gizmodo anymore.

It’s a scary, only-virtually hedonistic place in there, Gizmodo: the kind of Xanadu that a Zeta Male imagines is heaven…imagines from the comfort of a Barcalounger in his mom’s basement. IE his mom’s basement, but with more stuff!

Anyway, I lost a job and, true to form, I whined. I mean, if I hadn’t whined you’d have had grounds to send in a missing person’s report, as I’d obviously have been abducted and replaced with some sort of replicant. Some pray, I whine. What can I say? The payout rate is better when I do it my way.

Fun blogging to re-commence in 24 minus n hours!

Which reminds me: for some reason I thought there was an underwear hook on this post…if it re-occurs to me, I’ll make an underwear-related post to explain. Gawd knows what it was, only it had something to do with doctors and Amy Winehouse.

14 thoughts on “the Blogosphere works in mysterious ways

  1. Rain, *HUGS* I’m glad it’s worked out for you and quickly.
    Things always work out! Don’t get too down. The sun is shining. (Ok, I’ll go back to my little world now…)

  2. This is a very confusing post, to update myself I had to follow the link and read that post; after which I was still fairly confused… but fairly entertained, with the exception of losing the job which understandably sucked.

    Now I have ovaltine stuck in my head and I’m gonna go make chocolate milk and pretend it’s ovaltine.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  3. Well, yes. Generally you have to follow the links and read the previous chapter where there is one.

    Ovaltine is the shizznit.

    FFE: for now. The market for Americans is depressed right now.

    Jae, thanks. They don’t usually work out this quickly or painlessly, at least not for me they don’t!

    Silverstar, thanks. Yeah, it’s male-oriented, but surprisingly low in testosterone. Of course, the last time I made fun of them, they banned me from all Gawker sites and it took me a week to notice. We shall see what they do this time.

  4. You surely don’t think even the Canadian government is that soft on terrorism?

    Since we’re a non-nuclear-armed nation, our defence wonks sometimes refer to using “the Raincoaster option”, but it’s been thought too cruel to inflict on mere dictators, genocides, and torturers.

  5. That’s right, although there HAS been talk of me stowing away in Lydia’s luggage the next time she goes to Cuba. I’ve always wanted my own island.

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