Do the Math

Now, I don’t know about you, but we at the ol’ raincoaster blog get many, many emails daily. In fact, each of our personalities gets many, many emails daily, some from one another, so the globally-expanding raincoaster email problem is something like the Katamari Damacy of the inbox. This is partly because we are so, so very popular and partly because we superstitiously fear that, if we run out of things to read, the world will end.

And so, so as to save said world because lo, we are softies indeed, we have subscribed to a number of email newsletters. Some, such as everything from the Poynter Institute, are dry enough to take care of those pesky melting ice caps, but some, such at the one I received today, are not.

Those would be the Girly Newsletters. Your Godivas; your Agent Provocateurs.

And today, the Agent Provocateur newsletter contained some enticing sales; indeed, were I possessed of sufficient cash or credit and secure in the expectation of obtaining more of same through, say, employment or something, I would instantly have clicked through and purchased myself a spiffy set of the sexy-yet-not-vulgar Liliana or Francoise without a second thought, but alas, I am not.

Still, what caught my eye was, perhaps, not what would catch yours. Even so, there was one line in the newsletter which, I am sure, will be of as much interest to my readers as to me, regardless of their gender and/or preferences.

The Marilyn. At 70% off.

Marilyn Monroe wouldn't fit in that!

Click through and take a look at the larger image: I dunno for sure, but that looks a HELL of a lot more like 90% off to me!

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