Raincoaster OfVancouver is on Facebook

I know, I know, I’ve blogged about Facebook warning you all about it, and what I said is true.


I talked Brian Atene into signing up on FB and it would look pretty stupid if I didn’t do it myself, eh? So, there I am.

Friend me. Operation Global Media Domination needs you.

And promise not to tell Lisanti that I came when I saw the add. Deal?

Married To The Sea


11 thoughts on “Raincoaster OfVancouver is on Facebook

  1. Ha! I’ve done exactly the same thing. Last year I was telling anyone who’d listen (and a few who wouldn’t) that FB is Teh Bad because their start-up funding came from the CIA and other Evil People! You should have heard all my lovely friends baying mirth at me when I broke down and joined the site a couple of weeks ago. Bless ’em.

  2. Well, you were and remain correct. Those people will be all shocked when their accounts are sifted and the men in black show up at their doors. You and I, however, will still put embarrassing stuff of FB, but when it comes out we won’t be surprised!

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  4. What’s funny is that I joined facebook the other week and was looking to see if you were on there. I searched ‘Raincoaster” but couldn’t find you.

    If you search me (“Kevin Stafford”) – I’m the guy in the blue shirt holding aloft a most holy of grails filled with what appears to be a tasty Pinot Noir.

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