The Deadbeat Club

Well, I’ve never been one to dip a toe in when I could plunge over the cliff taking an entire bus with me instead.


MistressCowfish suggested I start a group, because after Friending people, Grouping is teh hawtness on Facebook, which sounds to my elderly ears like a rave gotten completely out of control, but whatever.

I have Grouped.

If you’re on Facebook, you’ll find me at The Deadbeat Club (cue Metro‘s bitter humour…).

Inspired by glorious deadbeats throughout history such as the authors of Frugal Indulgents, Dorothy Parker, Oscar Wilde, Quentin Crisp, Vincent Van Gogh, and that guy … you know … that guy whose name I can’t remember, who destroyed his priceless collections and then killed himself rather than let the collection fall into Ceasar’s hands. See, if Boris would join the group he could tell us who that was.

Yes, surely in a Deadbeat Club there’s some room for rich, sore losers. Especially if they’re buying.

Ladies, Gentlemen, and the Undecided, please raise your glasses, mugs, or sippy cups to our anthem:

The Deadbeat Club by The B 52’s

I was good, I could talk
A mile a minute,
On this caffeine buzz I was on
We were really hummin'
We would talk every day for hours
We belong to the deadbeat club

Anyway we can,
We're gonna find something
We'll dance in the garden
In torn sheets in the rain

We're the deadbeat club
We're the deadbeat club

Going down to Allen's for
A twenty-five cent beer
And the jukebox playing real loud,
"Ninety-six tears"
We're wild girls walkin' down the street
Wild girls and boys going out for a big time

Let's go crash that party down
In Normaltown tonight
Then we'll go skinny-dippin'
In the moonlight
We're wild girls walkin' down the street
Wild girls and boys going out for a big time

Anyway we can
We're gonna find something
We'll dance in the garden
In torn sheets in the rain


Oh no! Here they come
The members of the deadbeat club

22 thoughts on “The Deadbeat Club

  1. Since when is being factual and accurate equated to bitterness? It’s not humour, darling, it’s commentary.

    At least I’m not clingy. Well, not until the early morning hours on a really good night, anyway.

    However I should consider that given your known proclivities, the civilized world is grateful that you didn’t base your Facebook group on another B-52s song. I mean, who’d want to be a Rock Lobster anyway?

  2. A classic. If you join FB, join my group and post the video in the Discussion. I started one for summer music, and that’s about as perfect as it gets.

  3. “Friending”? Eewwww, that’s bad.

    Have signed up – thanks for the invite.

    But I’m really just on Facebook to play scrabble.

  4. Not this Friday but next, we’re going to have a Friday Night FuckFest. The procedure is, you get a bottle of your favorite beverage (or jug, IV bag, whatever) and you sit at your keyboard and you just sort of go for it. They have them on Gawker and they can easily get up to 500 comments.

  5. It’s way easier than MySpace, and no annoying autoplay music. Just go to and sign up with an email. You’re supposed to use your real name, virtually everyone does, but I used “Raincoaster OfVancouver” because raincoaster is easily twenty times more famous than “Lorraine Murphy” so I decided to capitalize on that.

  6. @FFE
    FB Warning: If you use your real name, people you’ve thought were long lost (or long gone) will surface and ‘friend’ you.

  7. Including some you happily imagined had long since died.

    Of a preventible yet incurable, and horridly painful, disease.

    In a place where morphine is as yet unknown.

    I’m still mulling over whether or not to accept an invite from a boss I hoped would one day be described as having been “strangled by another vagrant in a fight over who got to sleep in the refrigerator box”.

    The fact that he friended me means he entirely failed to comprehend the nature of the relationship.

    But I’m going to have to accept, as it’s an overture. To a bizarre and discordant symphony perhaps, but nonetheless and overture.

    I’ve refused or ignored a few invites, mostly from people who wanted to, or who actually tried to, kill me–But really anything short of that means you sort of have to accept.

  8. See you there! I got stuck on there till three in the morning last night, which meant I stayed up for nearly 48 hours straight. It is indeed a timesink!

  9. Okay – I’m going to go looking for you – if I can figure this out. I have an account but I really don’t get facebook ~shrug~ I’m really showing my age here but that’s okay because according to the Illinois Human Rights Laws – I’m 2 years away from being considered elderly – which is okay because if it turns out we’re already friends I think I can then qualify for alzheimers :-)

  10. It should be – and I did find you, added you and while i was on my account i uploaded a few chicago pics and a profile pic :-) Hehe – better than the equality project one but a little corny but since i did take the photo – it will do.

  11. The B 52s are awesome, and unfortunately (like NIN) their fans put me off them for years. I eventually learned they didn’t such as much as those Dynel-wigged wannabes.

    Roam is also a great song.

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