Little Gordon Ramsay

Awwwww, isn’t Little Gordon here adorable? A chip off the old blockhead! If Cthulhu and I ever had a love/hatefuck child, he’d turn out just like this, I’m sure.

You can watch all three videos over at TeenyManolo, yo.

14 thoughts on “Little Gordon Ramsay

  1. I’ve developed a look that says “I am the most important restaurant reviewer in town” and it seems to work; the rest of the time I just call Raj, who IS one of the most important restaurant reviewers in town, and he stops buy and makes sure everyone knows I’m important.

  2. All day in my mind my pirate voice was insistent on getting the last word. When IT finally slipped out my ear didn’t even pick it up! In the immortal words of Chief Dan George: and they called us schivalized.

  3. Whilst it was funny as oh so true what scared me was that it seems to be a corporate advertisement which means a company paid a child to recite that script. And that I don’t like. I wouldn’t buy from that company.

    Good blog post though.

  4. Most six-year-olds I know would KILL for a chance to swear like that without getting told off. And since the company is an HR specialist, I doubt you’d be buying a cater waiter or bartender from them. Although it’s tempting.

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