Olympic Disappointment

With posters like this:

Olympic poster 1912

I think I can hardly be blamed for getting my hopes up. Naturally (inevitably) I was disappointed when, once again, the tentacled shot put failed to make it as even a mere exhibition sport.

I’d show him where to put it, that’s for sure!

11 thoughts on “Olympic Disappointment

  1. That is a very…um…colorful graphic.

    It looks like your stats are about to break 2 million. Wow. I feel like I should watch for the rollover, sort of like when my old car reached 100,000 miles on the odometer.

  2. Yes, 996 clicks to go! I had predicted by the end of November for two million, but I reconned without Banksy and Britney. It’s kind of heartening that an anti-racist work of art is worth more hits than a sexpot’s sex tape.

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