The La Pequena Sarah Palin campaign video

How could she possibly have lost, with high-production-value-havin’ videos like this one?

It must be a conspiracy!

7 thoughts on “The La Pequena Sarah Palin campaign video

  1. DAMN you raincoaster!!! My fit of laughter piqued the interest of co-workers, and now nobody is working and I got blamed for it. I’m holding you responsible because La Pequena Sarah Palin is too damn awesome to blame for anything.

    Awesome find!

  2. Tranny Palin?
    I thought that was the name of one of her kids, no?
    Reminds me, I’m definitely watching some ‘Fantasy Island’ reruns tonight for sure (Boss! dee plane! dee plane!)

  3. It WILL be the name of one of her kids…the one she has in ten months, the one who gets neglected because he resulted from a “consolation fuck”. The one who turns Black Panther when he’s 16.

    She said she wanted a kid called Zamboni, but that’s because she thinks it’s a kind of pasta.

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