Why Twitter Exists


There is, among the non-Twitterati, a certain degree of pragmatic skepticism about how entertaining, how powerful, even how meaningful a communications device limited to 140 characters of text can be. While all the world knows that Twitter was intended to serve as a medium for communicating status updates (“Posting to Twitter.” “Posting to Twitter again.” “Here I am, back on Twitter, updating my status.”) digital sophisticates have long since bent the humble microblogging platform to their will.

Haiku. Affirmations. Contests. Flirtations. Ostentatiously-posted quotations from authors chosen more for their literary cachet than their intellectual merit, not that I’m thinking of anyone in particular (Byron, I’m looking at you).

And this, from baffled:

Six Word Story:

If I should die before I

12 thoughts on “Why Twitter Exists

  1. I’m guilty of useless banter, affirmations, quotes, and shameless self-promotion on twitter. Not to mention spontaneous booze fests… uhh I mean #tweetups with like minded individuals. All in all that’s a lot of fun, and somehow it has brought me new friends, business, media, and did I mention fun?

    Anyway I have learned not to take twitpics in the bathroom anymore. Who knew?

  2. I never appreciated Twitter or its potential until the attacks in Mumbai. Following the tweets from there was riveting and added a human element not even the best news organizations could impart.

  3. :eek: ewww! (re: pelvic exam)
    I have not twittered, as yet; tended to agree wholeheartedly with the Reuters article, but, until I’ve walked in those shoes…Perhaps I shall be turned.

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