who’s that girl?

A certain mysterious someone at Lamecamp Vancouver last week at the Cambie Pub. Who could it be? Whoever it is, they’ve got fabulous taste in Twitter reading material!

who's that girl?

Lamely shot on medium format, scanned at ridicioulsy low resolution after pushing the film by a stop because I lamely forgot my faster speed film.

8 thoughts on “who’s that girl?

  1. Good heavens, who would do such a thing? Perhaps “putting it in the background to make a good shot and for self-promotion reasons” would be closer to the truth.

  2. I’ve been trying to find out how people with hundreds or thousands of Twitter followers keep track of all their tweets. I don’t even have 200 and I can’t keep up because I reach page 40 and it stops at page 40 and a full day hasn’t passed yet in messages. Do you just ignore most people or log in a dozen times a day to read everything. I want to read everyone but I just can’t anymore and might just give up the whole Twitter thing.

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