thought for the day

See the post immediately below this one? Yeah, don’t do that.

Unless you want to end up stuck in bed for two days with an ear infection that turns your head into the Elephant Man’s swollen noggin.

2 thoughts on “thought for the day

  1. Hallo there.

    I am new to WordPress software and I am helping a Hospice charity organization improve their Website Google search results. I like your idea regarding using the names on alt text for pictures as posted in the wordpress forum. I will most definitely use that for all future photos. I will also amend current photos as well.

    I am confused as the help section in wordpress suggests that users can set meta tags = content, description, key words either for all pages or separately for each page. The wordpress forum suggests that this cannot be done? We are using wordpress 2.6.1 hosted outside word press.

    There was also a suggestion to use the “tag” field in the middle of he page when writing a new post.
    I tried this option and it does not appear to create any meta tags?

    Is it possible to change meta tags in word press 2.6.1 and if so, how?
    Kind regards

  2. Let me clarify a couple of things:

    I provide support in the WordPress.COM support forum as a volunteer on a completely when-I-feel-like-it basis.

    If your blog is not hosted at, the answers in that forum won’t help you.

    If your blog is not hosted at, you either need to kick a consultant some money or go to the WordPress.ORG forum for support. If you’re going to pick the former, I am available but not cheap. I don’t provide WP.ORG support for free.

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