what did you do today, raincoaster?

Dorothy Parker, who really looks more Doloresy here

Oh, not much. Just

  • pulled the second all-nighter in a week
  • emailed a deadbeat client’s boss’s boss’s boss
  • had a wicked good strategy and venting meeting with Mike Yurechko
  • had a wicked good strategy and venting meeting with April Smith of AHA Media
  • locked down another two fabulous speakers for WordCamp Okanagan, due sometime in late January or February, depending on what the tourism board suggests
  • invited all and sundry and their exes to the launch of Reading is Sexy this Thursday
  • Pestered Vanity Fair magazine on Twitter till they showed me where the story I was bitching about not being online was posted…online
  • did a nice, thorough grocery shop
  • paid my housing charges
  • made a strategic plan for the rest of the week
  • did 30 45 or so affiliate links, GAH
  • fixed one of the blogs on the network that was broken
  • lined up an aweber tutorial, thanks again to Mike
  • lined up four really solid leads on community management/blogging gigs
  • dropped a reminder to that book client that we’ve gotta get cracking and I’m waiting for the stuff he’s gotta send me, including the greenbacks


  1. multiple snarky comments on Gawker, of course
  2. a meaningless time-filling quiz
  3. a filthy Christmas post featuring Katy Perry to go with the filthy Thanksgiving one featuring Adam Lambert
  4. a heartfelt request to Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  5. stickied my Twitter Tips class this Saturday
  6. a Not So Silent Night benefit for Pivot Legal Society
  7. the Reading is Sexy calendar launch info cross-posted from the Shebeen Club
  8. managed to promise to write a post about Homelessness is Over for Boris Johnson’s site
  9. The unbearable gravity of celebrity ie celebrity pratfalls
  10. the very raincoaster-worthy Who Wore It Best: The Seafood Chapeau
  11. rough draft of a new post for MY NEWEST BLOG! Yay for paid gigs!


27 thoughts on “what did you do today, raincoaster?

  1. hi raincoaster. just passing thru. nice blog.

    visit my blog at www. [edited, hahahaahaha].blogspot.com

    where my blood pressure level can be managed easier than wordpress blog.

  2. Also: forgot to mention I moved a huge ladder off my patio, no mean feat as my patio is surrounded by a 10 foot wall and I can’t get the ladder out my door, so over the wall it had to go. Was supposed to help a neighbor move, but she wasn’t home.

    In compensation, today I’ve read a vintage etiquette book, drunk a pint of beer, had a burger, and picked up the mail.

  3. Mmm. Still got this fuckin’ blog, eh? Does it get ya laid? Humph. When was the last time you had a really good pussy munch? Yikes! “Kubrick II” posts pretty soon. Keep checkin’ YouFuck’EmTube. That’s an insiders tip, Baby Cakes. (I can call you Baby Cakes, can’t I?) Oh, Christ, I love this new video. Stay Gold. – Atene

  4. I forgot to mention what I actually did today. That was the point of the post. I (finally) finished a new video. Yikes.

  5. @atatkk– FWIW
    Anita Bath and Diesel steered me to WorpDress, even though it’s not quite as user-friendly as Blogger. After my hair grew back I found I liked WP better. Once you get the hang of it (and it’s not that tough) there are more tweaks and options to mess with. WP kinda poo-poos advertising, though.

    Dunno about Tumblr. I’ve seen several bloggers complain about it and eventually move to another platform.

  6. Ooh. That’s a tough one. I may have spoken too soon.

    I guess I could always customize a theme and screw that up, or accidentally delete my blog after a few days. Or I could post something so offensive that even Tumblr would drop me. I could pull that last one off with ease.

    Hipsters drink PBR? Guess I’ve been out of the loop. Maybe if I got a betelnut smoke and a 6-pak of lemon jack or something it’d help to crash the blogging platform that I don’t want.

    Sounds like too much trouble for nothing, unless I get a sponsor.

  7. Oh, yeah. I’m alive. I just got offered some sort of video spot on a Comedy Central viral video show. The guy at Comedy Central said I was tough to find. He found me through my sister. Do my videos look choppy to you when you view them on my YouTube homepage using “Internet Explorer”? You can reply through YouTube or at my private email address. I trust ya. More details? View my message on my YouTube Channel. Thanks!

  8. That’s awesome, congratulations! Don’t forget the little people!

    Yes, IE does cause problems watching videos, particularly if your connection isn’t good. But there’s nothing wrong with your videos: it’s what he’s using to watch them that’s causing the problem.

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