I’m too sexy for my geolocation…

You know it. I know it. We all know it.

Canadians are just too sexy.

epic fail pictures

Also: is this Mars, or the Canadian Shield?

mars is female

The God of War is female? Not news to anyone who’s been reading raincoaster!

Rembrandt's Pallas Athena

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7 thoughts on “I’m too sexy for my geolocation…

  1. hey Raincoaster.
    found you from this WP forum thread:
    (was looking for whistler)

    as a novice it’s always good to know little details.

    so in general, yours is a general interest site yes? random amusingment and mainstream topics. do you find this helps your reach?

    how much of your time is spent ‘networking’ and commenting on other blogs? obviously we’re always reading and commenting so it’s not like ‘work’ but how do you think it helps?

    2 capsules per vagina please.

    and i visited your post on the Pallas Athena and Ophelia. thanks for those.
    led to an essay here:


  2. you know what, forgive me for sounding so… blogger novice.

    i do come from an age where blogs were personal and not just link shares and overt pro-blogger content. hm somewhere around 2001? when Pyra was around!

    so the whole SEO and blogging networking and social media stuff is what is new for me.


  3. Those are the kinds of questions I generally charge to answer. Believe me, this site is not guided by any sort of business plan or outline; it is nothing if not organic.

  4. Cindy, that middle picture is the surface of Mars. All images in this blog are linked to the places I stole them from, which usually have other details about them.

  5. Of course that’s not the Canadian Shield. The Canadian Shield is a type of intrauterine device shaped a like a maple leaf, isn’t it?

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