This and That: Avatars of Feminine Power

First up, possibly my favorite painting in the entire world, Rembrandt’s Pallas Athena. I’m well aware that many people think it may not be by Rembrandt himself, but like, whatthefuckever, the painting stands on its own two feet, or would if it had feet instead of a frame. Rembrandt would look at that and say “God, I wish I’d painted that,” I mean, assuming he did not:

Rembrandt\'s Pallas Athena

Could it rock any harder? I mean, really.

Next up, this very 21st-Century image from the Guardian of a newly-graduated Iraqi policewoman firing at a target.

Iraqi policewoman

20 thoughts on “This and That: Avatars of Feminine Power

  1. I dunno, to me, Athena looks like a guy in that painting. I am sorry. I know you are awful fond of it. But, hello, guy?

  2. That Pallas Athena painting is beautiful. I don’t really think she looks like a guy, but then again maybe I’m just some kind of sexual predator masquerading as a heterosexual celibate. OK, not so celibate *I’m looking at you, baby*, but you get the picture.

  3. When I have total world domination, the Pallas Athena will hang to the left of my desk, and John Everett Millais’ Ophelia will hang to the right of my desk. The path of human womanhood lies between these two extremes, and it is a bent and twisty one.

  4. I agree with Fraser. Athena doesn’t look like a guy. I believe the idea of a women has changed during the past few hundred years. The warrior goddess shouldn’t look like the ideal 21st century women…She is a warrior goddess for goddess sakes.

  5. I discovered this week that one of the channels I get here in English is showing The Avengers every afternoon – the ones with Emma Peel in them. It’s really been taking me back. Such cool haughty elegance. Plus she could break a man’s arm with a flick of her wrist. Love it. The clothes are great too.

    Also love the painting.

  6. Wow… Pallas Athena is really beautiful ^_^ I hope there are paintings of Hera and Aphrodite that are as powerful as this one. This really depicts the beauty of one of the three most beautiful Goddesses in Olympus. ^_^

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