Young John McCain: Hawt or Nawt

I have a long and shameful history, it must be admitted, of crushes on right-wing political figures (the sainted Pierre Elliot Trudeau notwithstanding; as always, he’s a special case) perhaps because of my poorly-disguised thing for preppies, but frankly, above all of them (even Tony Blair who is, come on, right wing) stands one man.

On crutches. Click to enlarge; don’t you wish everything worked that way?

I mean, seriously. Hubba-hubba!

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28 thoughts on “Young John McCain: Hawt or Nawt

  1. I see picture #1 and I just freeze for a quite shocking length of time.

    Ian, quite right. But then, he has his younger, trollop-looking, makeup-plastering second wife to take care of him. It worked for Reagan!

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  3. See, I’m not so enamored of the thing where their neck goes straight down from their ears; too steroidy-looking for me. But a man in uniform…a handsome man in uniform…hmmmm.

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  5. I think John McCain is- or used to be- a handsome man! Handsome, in the manly, macho way; more like Clooney or Eastwood, than in the beautiful but effiminate type, like say, Leonardo DiCaprio or Ryan Phillipe and the like.

  6. I find McCain kind of scary looking now a days, so I was pretty surprised to be quite attracted to young John McCain. I agree with you, hawt.

  7. I’m not feelin’ how John is choosing to comb his hair straight down today. I think it might look better with a little feather or something on the sides, if he would comb it slightly back instead of straight down. Maybe he is covering up a wound from the war? Don’t know. It’s hard for him to do a lot with his arms raised, or moving his neck, so straight down might just be easier.

    He definitely knew how to comb his hair in #2. Damn.

  8. wow,,,,,wowowowowowowwo if i could travel back in time, id travel back to the days he served in vietnam, considering he was in the army, he would have sexual urges, and he wouldnt mind it comming from a male either…me young mccain in the jungles sweating…mmmmm f*** yeahh

  9. He was HOT!!! I’d do him anyday, anytime of the any day!

    But now he looks like some semi-living blob of loose skin. Especially when he’s standing beside his botoxed wife. It’s amazing how someone so hot can turn into someone so scary. I tell you, it’s all in the mind. If you think dark thoughts, you’ll turn ugly!

  10. Maybe he was hot and you can clearly see he was good looking, but I know how he thinks now and I’m not impressed. It automatically makes me indifferent. Lots of men are physically beautiful but I get bored quickly and I need to feel entertained or I just don’t care anymore.

    When I was younger I didn’t understand the whole Trudeaumania thing; he was short and a little trendy and very, very arrogant. Now I know he was smarter by far than any politician the world has seen in years, and if you think about it, what he tried to accomplish in Canada (and succeeded in accomplishing) was beyond impressive. I can’t even think of anyone who comes close, in terms of turning things around for a population (and not for a bunch of corporations, yada, yada–and also, I might add, he actively fought against that throughout his political life and even afterwards) So, yeah, I get it: Trudeau’s “ugly/beautiful” looks paired with his smarts and his dynamism made him irresistibly attractive.

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