rough striptease action!

This is, without question, the roughest striptease action you’ll see all day, and that’s even IF you have those Carmen Electra workout videos.

From that cavalcade of Schadenfreude, the Failblog

10 thoughts on “rough striptease action!

  1. I really shouldn’t read your blog while eating lunch. I now have bits of egg sandwich decorating my monitor.

    I was sniggering well before the finale of the video and thought that was all there was — a really, really lame strip tease. Then bang! Hilarious.

  2. Did someone actually pixillate her breasts, or are they just out of focus?

    I rather liked it, until the end. Then I LOVED it.

  3. But it wasn’t strip-tease, it was belly-dancing, very different things. One has a long history of preparing women for childbirth, the other doesn’t. However, I hope that the cabinet was as poorly made as it appears, in hopes that the poor girl survived.

  4. Actually, it was just raunchy, low-rent ass-shaking. I’ve actually studied both bellydancing and striptease and this? This wasn’t either. It’s entirely possible to shake your ass and flash your tits without conforming to any known style of dance other than Hootchie.

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