Why I Hate Mother’s Day

Batman on Mother's Day

via TheDailyWhat

Amen to that, My Favorite Comic Book Hero, and don’t forget all the “heartwarming” forwarded emails with dancing bunny gifs. I always feel like responding with, “Your email was so moving, it made me cry. And remember the few years my mother and I had together before SHE WAS CRUELLY AND PAINFULLY TAKEN FROM HER CHILDREN.”

The only plus side to Mother’s Day is the perfume deals, which I managed to miss entirely this year, having spent mother’s day either in the hospital getting checked out or at home asleep. Mind you, the view was not half bad at the hospital, thanks to all the weekend rugby warriors in with sprains, etc. The one with his face split open from a kick was particularly handsome…

Okay, so I have unusual tastes. Sue me.

Adventures into Darkness, horror stories

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10 thoughts on “Why I Hate Mother’s Day

  1. It’s really little more than a necessary evil to pave the way to the hallowed tradition of Father’s Day. Now there’s a damed holiday for you!

  2. Mother’s Day is incredibly special. You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your mother and father. Is it really that awful to show a little respect ONE day out of the year?

  3. Hey, Matt, why should one day be different from the other 364 we spend showing our respect?

    Honestly, my mom hates Mother’s Day brunches. She was a waitress long ago and abstains out of sympathy. (That and the mediocre buffets.) We celebrate at other times.

  4. Sorry for your loss. But just because you have personal reasons for not celebrating it, doesn’t mean others shouldn’t or don’t have the right to.

    Yes you should appreciate your mother 365 days a year if she deserves it. And this one special day a year is just an excuse to get together with family. You don’t have to give a card, you don’t have to give anything. Just spend a nice day together. Hell have as many mothers days per year as you want. But this is just the one day per year everyone celeberates it at the same time.

    I’m not taking either side, just explaining how I feel on both. Personally I don’t celeberate it, my mother left us and doesn’t deserve said celebration. But I respect those who do choose to celebrate it with those who deserve it.

  5. Oh, I was just talking to that condescending little bully Matt. Nothing personal.

    When my mother was alive we always took “the Canadian viewpoint” in being vaguely embarrassed by the whole thing. It’s an excuse for brunch, but my mother didn’t like brunch, and she most particularly didn’t like being taken out because it was The Official Day You Take Your Mother Out If You’re A Decent Person. She preferred, and made clear her preference for, spontaneous long lunches downtown at restaurants you wouldn’t have been able to get my father into even WITH the use of chloroform.

    And Mother’s Day is not, after all, a genuine holiday: it has no religious or cultural foundation other than a marketing effort, and nobody gets the day off.

  6. I looked u up after reading u were set to fire your press mgr. I’d be interested in discovering what u write daily and where and when. It’s the little things that make us bigger. Now on the mother’s day note: it appears there’s much debate from both sides. How would a “Singles Day” make married people feel?

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