Sami Salo’s injured testicle Speaks!

Sami Salo is down, but his Twitter stats are up


Yes, Sami Salo’s not-quite-ruptured-but-seriously-slapshotted testicle has spoken. And to me, no less! Now get your ass over to TheCelebrityIndustrialComplex at TrueSlant and read the article in which I quiz Sami Salo’s ball! It’s the first time I’ve ever interviewed a celebrity testicle. Hell, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen balls that speak for themselves!

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6 thoughts on “Sami Salo’s injured testicle Speaks!

  1. A top/bottom situation? Wait, is it gay? Will his testicle out itself? Exciting world of celebrity rumors, how I love you. ;)

    Also, hilariously I just posted a fable on testicles that would not fall off yesterday. There seems to be a cosmic connection as I did not consciously know about Sami Salo’s testicle ouch. Heh.

  2. @raincoster
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  3. The testicle: a universal concept? Surely that’s a male-centric view?
    Meep. Does that mean I’ve been successfully brainwashed to promote male-centric testicle raving? :)

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