Double Rainbow AutoTune Unicorn Chaser

It’s a bad sign when you need a Unicorn Chaser for the week and it’s only dawn on Wednesday. At least this is a good one: the world-famous OH MY GOD DOUBLE RAINBOW video, autotuned into perhaps the greatest piece of music since Yanni retired.

If you would like to do your part to cheer me up, you can either send booze or drop a comment on my Mummified Fairy post: it needs fewer than 90 to get to an even 2000 comments! I’m somewhat cheered up to note that I outrank BoingBoing and Snopes on searches for “Mummified fairy,” but it can’t hurt to add a comment anyway, I might backslide at any moment!

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8 thoughts on “Double Rainbow AutoTune Unicorn Chaser

  1. Gorgeous! Only too bad the cameraman was on peyote because the photography was atrocious. It didn’t do double rainbow its just deserts. But the song was a double helping of caramel-covered brownie with whipped cream and sprinkles.

  2. Click through to the original video, LostWeeknight, and you’ll understand why this particular videographer was incapable of holding a camera still.

  3. I did David, that’s why I surmised he was on shrooms, the guy was losing it!!! I think he even had an orgasm and thus only had one hand on the camera. A tripod would have been the Godsend, an actual one, not the rainbows.

  4. Yes, I didn’t want to repeat myself, I should have known I was dealing with experts. My first thought was the cactus, it being in the desert, but his reaction was borderline “Cuckoo’s Nest,” so it could have even been Mescaline, though I have no experience with that particular substance. I don’t think. If there’s not already a Double Rainbow blotter acid, I think there should be now. Where is Lysergic Asset when we need her?

  5. All I know about drugs I learned from Hunter S. Thompson. Or my roommates.

    I think if he’d been on acid he’d have tried to TALK the picture into the camera.

  6. Ha. Hunter would know the answer. You’re right, or had it been acid he would have thought he was recording it in his head.

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