Don’t stop till you get enough!

Michael Jackson was the king of pap

Michael Jackson, the late

Don’t you love those complete strangers who reach out of the blue to send you hate mail and then follow it up with more hate mail saying they are SO DONE talking to you and then, when you don’t reply, send you even more hate mail about how they are LIKE TOTALLY NOT TALKING TO YOU NOPE NOT TO YOU NOT EVER AGAIN THEY ARE SO DONE WITH THAT. And then they send you one more to make sure you got the message, and then they block you.

What is it about Michael Jackson, exactly, that attracts a vast over-representation of the touchy and hyperbolic to his fandom? And don’t try to tell me about his many non-touchy, non-hyperbolic fans; I am talking about the vast army of gibbering, defensive nutters that orbit him like the rings of Saturn. If I could, I’d prescribe them a double dosage of Buddha Mind, but they’d probably wig out from the sudden mental detox.

Apparently something on Blogtalk Radio is set to tear  me, personally, a new asshole on Friday the 16th. Apparently I’m part of some media conspiracy (I can only say that the pay is terrible) to destroy MJ. Honestly, Jackson himself doesn’t interest me; it’s always been the fans. Why? Because they are the extreme cases of fandom, and if you want to learn about the Celebrity-Industrial Complex, you have to look at the fans. They are what it’s about, and the wingnutty ones are particularly fascinating, the way any pathology is fascinating.

The PR campaign didn’t have quite the effect intended: instead of causing a flood of comments to any of my blogs, it has resulted in a grand total of two nasty Facebook message strings, both from Australians. I guess there’s not much to do in Australia this time of year.

Tegan Ellis Facebook hate mail

Tegan Ellis is SO not talking to me. Over and over.

If you can’t read that, click here to open a bigger version.

Lindy Bartter is also not talking to me

Lindy Bartter is also not talking to me, but in worse English

Tegan lists her interests as Animals, Friendship, Equality, Compassion, Peace, Honesty, Intellectual Conversations, Rainbows, Horse Riding, and her favorite band is…


The fans, they write themselves!

the jokes they write themselves

the jokes they write themselves, sometimes to Facebook

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21 thoughts on “Don’t stop till you get enough!

  1. Oh, the first one is more amusing. I’ll see if I can’t size it up a bit somehow. The “English” is approximate, to say the least, which is hilarious coming from an Aussie.

    I’m blocked by both of them, so all I get by clicking on the link is “Page Not Found” but I knew you guys would get a kick out of it.

    Google the names. The fanfic is toe-curlingly embarrassing. Or should be.

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  5. The blog still puts a huge smile on my face everytime i read it. Please accept my deepest apologies on behalf of all Australians for having to deal with those 2 absolutely nutters. I am too as i write having to deal with one of them. Any remote criticism of them (not him) automatically has you out there in the wonderful world of social media as a MJ hater. Next thing you have is all the fellow equally deranged nutters baying for your blood. Happy days :):)

  6. Ha! Thanks. Actually, I love Australians; if I’m in a foxhole, I want a pack of Aussies with me, preferably female. I interviewed Julian Assange’s mother recently, and she’s breathtakingly fierce.

    I’m kind of glad Australia is so far away, but then, California is just a long bus ride and there are plenty of Californian nutters too!

  7. Very funny. Your comments have generated its own fan club of my friends. I am sort of warming to the idea that being the subject of kooky and disturbing hate mail from MJ fans is a badge of honour.

  8. Apparently so. At least i can now live a full life knowing i will never be alone. Brings a tear to my eye. LOVED the Albanian thread. AA Gill must be congratulated for sparking off that one. Maintain the rage people.

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