why I don’t work for corporations anymore

Those goddamn “morale-boosting” job reviews. Like this one: (Oh, definitely, definitely NSFW unless you work someplace just as bad already)

This post sponsored by my sense of outrage at one woman’s request to dumb down the internet for the sake of her nine-year-old, who certainly knows those words already and probably wouldn’t be shocked by the news that Mommy doesn’t control the whole world, although Mommy might.

Also: not the first time we’ve dealt with this.

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6 thoughts on “why I don’t work for corporations anymore

  1. I call my boss a baby all the time, and then make him go and get me a latte.

    It is kinda awesome.

    And now I realise where I first found you, in the wordpress forums and you were freaking awesome. And apparently still are.

    (notice I didn’t drop the f bomb here, we don’t want that stupid bitches daughter learning that sort of language from you now do we? *shakes head in wonder at the stupidity of some people*)

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  3. I hate myself for loving that.

    “I bet you masturbate with your tears of closeted shame?”

    “You want to toss the salad of a prison giraffe?” That one went over my head.

    So many favorites, but I love the moments they can’t think of a comeback.

    Must memorize all of these.

  4. “Baby.”

    “No, you are a baby.”

    “You’re a baby.”

    “You’re a big boo-boo-baby-wa-wa-I-want-my-mommy.”



    The ending was lame shit though.

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