Bubble Sunset unicorn chaser

We had some complaints about the visuals in the last post (what, not everybody is fat-carb-chocolate-and-booze-deprived?) so for that reason and also to celebrate the new look around these parts, here is a little something to clear your palate: a Bubble Sunset unicorn chaser.

Bubble Sunset by Khosey1 on Flickr

Bubble Sunset by Khosey1 on Flickr; each bubble carries one of your troubles away! Awww.

via snuh: call-it-karma:(via where-the-heart-is)

Huh, not everything on Tumblr is a self-absorbed rant or hipster photo. Who knew?

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11 thoughts on “Bubble Sunset unicorn chaser

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  2. Dayammmm! I’ve been working on that shot too. Have been unable to get a coincidence of bubble blower, light breeze and sunset. Maybe I’ll try the shot against plain blue – with the rainbows in the bubbles. Off to rethink.

  3. Look at all those soft colors! I’ve been wanting to photograph bubbles but cannot manage to blow and work the camera at the same time. I don’t know many that can though.

  4. Rain, I LOVE the new look! Great feel! Where are we, is this WordPress? I love the “attitude” tag line, don’t know if that’s new, I haven’t seen it before. Outstanding work here! Let it Rain.

  5. Thanks, yes, this is WordPress.com actually. Funny: men LOVE the new look, whereas my fashion blogger female friends are all “uh, it’s a little ‘urban’ isn’t it?” As with the bubble photo, I can’t take credit. I am no designer. I just used a straight-out-of-the-box theme.

    The attitude line is a tagline; it was always in the web content, but the last theme didn’t display it.

  6. No worries, I will see if I can edit the HTML as the blog owner. Surely there must be some privileges.

    Tell your son he’s famous now; not only is it here, where it’s getting tons of complements, but I saw it on Tumblr, where it was getting great exposure too. Everyone loves this shot! Thanks so much for taking it and allowing me to share it.

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