Sesame Street Sob Story

Ever wonder where Oscar the Grouch came from? Seriously, if ever I saw a character with a backstory, Oscar is it.

Grover paid his dues the old-fashioned way, starting as a shoeshine monster and making his way as a waiter/comedian on the mean streets of Queens, until the day he was talent-scouted by the youthful duo of Ernie and Bert, auditioned for a new television project of theirs, and his fortune was made. Big Bird lucked out and made it on his first audition, if you believe the official storyline; unofficially, it’s believed that his never-seen but well-connected (Bunbury-ish?) Granny Bird had something to do with getting the clueless yet appealing big lug such a high-profile gig.

Elmo? Well, we’ve discussed Elmo.

Oscar’s story is a little different, a little more universal, a little more … dare we say it? Tragic.



5 thoughts on “Sesame Street Sob Story

  1. This is a tad disturbing. I always thought of Oscar as a hard on his luck type, but this definitely pushes Sesame Street into the David Lynch realm. Thanks for that.

    Oh, yeah, and Inception Cat looks fixed. What cat does that? Did “they” put MDMA in his fancy feast?…

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