How Chihuahuas End Up Evil

Yes, I'll take the drumstick

Yes, I'll take the drumstick

Those soft-headed Chihuahua defenders may, in fact, have a point. We now present shocking video proof that the hideous, deformed, shivering naked mole rat clone dog impersonating aliens are in fact subjected to unimaginably cruel torture and pushed beyond the breaking point, prior to being released from the hatcheries upon an unsuspecting and unprepared public.

Turn the sound up and click to watch IF YOU DARE!


11 thoughts on “How Chihuahuas End Up Evil

  1. I will leave your comments as-is, so the process by which these tiny, hideous, malevolent creatures drive normal people insane is better understood by future generations.

  2. I was eating raw, dangerous and completely unsafe frozen cookie dough when I clicked on the video, and ended up with a good chunk of it lodged inside my nose from snort-laugh-inhaling.

    Thanks for that.

  3. For the love of god, don’t sue me unless you’re famous and I can reap the publicity benefit!

    While you’re here, check out the Chihuahua tag. Plenty to laugh at there.

  4. Our neighbor in Chilliwack brought a Chihuahua home about a year ago. He named it “Jack” but because of the thick Iranian accent, I thought that the dog was named “Jag.” I spent much of 2010 flicking tiny mounds of Jag-Jack turds off my lawn and back onto his porch and car windows.

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