Jesus Has Two Daddies!

Jesus does indeed have two daddies, and he turned out okay

Jesus does indeed have two daddies, and he turned out okay

It’s TRUE! Jesus has two daddies: and a camel-load of cute, in this adorbz video by adorbz Kiwi toddlers, who re-enact the Christmas story with some snazzy costumes, Oscar-quality performances, and the irresistible power of Teh Kyoot.

9 thoughts on “Jesus Has Two Daddies!

  1. 5 Stars! There are so many things to love about this I don’t even know where to start. Their expressions are priceless and the little details are relentlessly cute. Love the little king who can’t hold on to his gift, the close-up of the sheeps’ poop (giving it a dose of the harsh reality), and the shout-out to two daddies. Brilliant!

  2. I can’t stop forwarding this….

    (and love juxtaposing it with the American brat who threw a tizzy when he got BOOKS for christmas, “BOOKS!”…after just opening a Wii and all the other toys most 3 year olds will never see much less get, and nearly committing patricide on the spot.)

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