The history of Puppy Mills

It's a dog's life.

It's a dog's life.

The Rules of the Universe dictate that for every kitteh post we post a puppeh post. Oh, and if reading the harsh truths about the conversion of excess pettitude into electricity so you can watch Two and a Half Men in comfort shocks you, there’s also this:

Om nom nom Pom

Om nom nom Pom

4 thoughts on “The history of Puppy Mills

  1. Well, that particular beast looks like it’d put up a good fight, but I wouldn’t put it past that simpering simpleton to fry up anything she could get her hands on.

    Hmmm, a recent comment on the Why I Hate Chihuahuas post has got me thinking; maybe we could replace nuclear power by burning purse dogs?

    I await the thanks of a grateful world.

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