Situation Room Normal, All Fucked Up

Situation Room Normal All Fucked Up

Situation Room Normal All Fucked Up


As you can see from the above, newly-discovered image, the White House press secretary’s office has been going into overdrive, frantically and retroactively photoshopping people into the iconic Situation Room image in which, this blog revealed yesterday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was invisible because she was a vampire. The female aide at the back of the room was also invisible, since of course she, too, belongs to the race of Amazonian Undead which has seized control of the State Department.

As for the Situation, it can only get better.

hat tip CamCavers

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11 thoughts on “Situation Room Normal, All Fucked Up

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  3. Great doggy! Every situation room needs a pet in it for pet therapy purposes. Those situation are very stressful, after all. This was a smart idea, very smart! I am impressed.

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