THEY are arming! Chihuahua strike force assembling

Kurt Cobain welcomes the Herald of Death

Kurt Cobain welcomes the Herald of Death

Somebody get me Wikileaks…this story is too big to be contained.

We have consistently attempted to warn an oblivious world to the danger posed by those fanged and clawed trembly naked mole rats known as Chihuahuas, and has it listened?

The hell it has.

Well, folks, congratulations. It’s Too Late:

THEY have a cavalry.

and THEY have reinforcements.

You have been warned.

6 thoughts on “THEY are arming! Chihuahua strike force assembling

  1. My God, I hate chihuahuas. We watch my mother-in-law’s when she’s out of town and that little rat yipes the whole time and ALWAYS pees on the carpet. Bug-eyed little freak.

  2. Geez…Really the most useless creatures ever. They don’t even match up very well against inanimate objects…Their own size. Sad little bug-eyed rodents…

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  4. If a dog I was dogsitting peed on the carpet I’d remove its urinary tract with a fork.

    These creatures are hideous, deformed monsters and they should be STOMPED OUT. At least pugs have personalities, if not faces.

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