Coffee, anyone?

Cthulhu coffee is tentacularly tasty!

Cthulhu coffee is tentacularly tasty!

After the night I’ve had, make mine a decaf.!/AssangeC/status/171921297952092160

On the upside:

So yeah, validated.

But I’m telling you, for the next little while I don’t need any god damn more surprises. CHEERS!

have a cup of Cthulhu!

have a cup of Cthulhu!

11 thoughts on “Coffee, anyone?

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  2. Nooooooo, Can you imagine what the Deep Ones could do with android octopi? It’d be like John Wyndham’s The Kracken Wakes all over again.

    But I bet it could make a tasty espresso beverage, so there is that to think of.

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  4. Well, I THOUGHT it was sorted, but today it’s really un-sorted and I don’t know why. She’s furious at me and I don’t know what changed between then and now. Oh well, the law of conservation of catastrophe says I’ll probably win the lottery this week now.

  5. Definitely not. The timeline goes: Monday, eruption. I go OMG I FUCKED UP HUGELY, correct the website, tweet using #auspol, #Assange, #Wikileaks hashtags at least twice, taking full responsiblity, Christine says she accepts the apology, I go to sleep. While I’m asleep the editors update the correction to be more complete.

    While I sleep, she starts using the word Fabrication to describe what happened. My editor corrects her. They go back and forth. I wake up and go OMG WE PUT THAT FIRE OUT ALREADY DIDN’T WE? and try to calm things down. She stops using the F word at least.

    I go to sleep.

    I wake up, find out she’s REALLY angry with me now (what did I do? I was alseep?). That about brings us up to date.

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