O Ye of Little Faith



Today’s classified ad comes from Christian outreach organization WEC International, who take the missionary position on all things, including, it seems, HR. You must read to the end to get the full effect.

Magazine Sub-editor or Chief Sub-editor, England – WEC International

Submitted: 25/04/12 ; Closing Date: Open

WEC’s Media & Communications team needs a clever, enthusiastic and hard-working sub-editor to work across a range of projects. Given the changing landscape of publishing, you will think multi-channel: print, web and mobile and be able subedit copy to suit each media.

Duties include: Subbing copy (news, features and marketing leaflets and flyers) arriving from various WEC UK ministries at speed and to tight deadlines, but with accuracy, attention to detail, precision and to a high and consistent standard, while also maintaining the house style and an appropriate tone of voice at all times; Writing eye-catching, snappy and accurate headlines, straps and abstracts/summaries. You will also be required to write the occasional feature.

This position is non-salaried as all WEC personnel look to God to provide their personal needs.


They look to God to provide personal needs but apparently not to provide their staffing needs. Is that Satan’s department? From what I have experienced of HR, the answer is YES!

14 thoughts on “O Ye of Little Faith

  1. Now that I think of it, Satan could be in charge of HR OR he could be in charge of Advertising. Actually, what’s to say he’s not in charge of BOTH?

  2. Crikey, it’s almost biblical. There’s nothing in the bible about Jesus paying the disciples either.

  3. Yes, I can. But I do all my volunteering in the forum. If you come to my blog and want personal attention, I charge you $200 an hour, with a two-hour minimum.

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