Slacktivists Arise!

Be Anonymous this May Day!

Be Anonymous this May Day!

Forgot about Bank Transfer Day? Missed the Million Hoodie March? Still emotionally support Occupy and the 99%? Not to worry! Here’s something you can do to support the 99% and it won’t cost you a damn cent or take one damn minute of your time. This is perhaps the most perfect protest for the Age of Slacktivism: a May Day protest in which you do not a goddam thing, and by so doing, bring the 1% to their knees.

(via Max Adams)

Think about it. Those are great odds, and no heavy lifting.

99 to 1

99 to 1

3 thoughts on “Slacktivists Arise!

  1. That video is awesome! I’m home all week, but I did buy a stamp today. I’ll try not to buy a thing all week. For real.

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